It’s All About the Money!

It’s All About The Money!

Marlins ParkWas moving to a different stadium the best idea? The only difference between this year’s attendance and the average attendance for the Miami Marlins’ last season at Sun Life Stadium is about 100 extra fans per game. Owner, Jeffrey Loria, initially blamed the stadium for the team’s long-standing attendance and revenue woes.

Well it seems as though those issues have followed Loria to the new stadium, Marlins Park, which is government owned. The stadium is set to face the worst fan rejection of a new baseball stadium in the last generation. Management did not expect this outcome at all.

Last year, the attendance for the Marlins hit a 15 year high when the stadium opened. Despite this recent issue, Miami and Miami-Dade picked up most of the $634 million, which was the total for construction. While suffering a losing season, Loria cut the team’s payroll by nearly $60 million and decided to trade most of the star players. Season ticket sales dropped by 60%, which caused the Marlins to become the only franchise to turn to Groupon to sell seats on Opening Day in April.

“I obviously still feel tremendously sorry about what happened last year,” said Marlins president David Samson. “The goal we have with our fans every day is to get them to the point when they say, ‘I remember when — I remember when I was so unhappy with the team. But now, it’s a love affair.’ ”

Empty Marlins Park

According to, the Marlins have the worst attendance out of all the teams, with about 17,830 people per game. That equals out to an average sales drop of 10,400 tickets from the inaugural season back in 2012, a 37 percent drop. There was only one other ballpark that saw a worse drop: Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field, where attendance fell 38 percent in the season after its 1998 debut.

There is hope for the Marlins by the time this season ends. During its first 55 home games, which is how many times the Marlins have played in Miami this year, Tampa Bay experienced a drop of 30%. If the team follows on the same track, it will pass Tampa’s record for the worst sophomore season in a new ballpark. The Miami Marlins are reporting an average announced attendance of 17,977 per game.

The team needs an attendance of about 30,000 to afford an $80 million payroll, better than the estimated $35 million the players earn now, according to the owner in April. Loria claimed that the trades were necessary after the $100 million payroll, which was one of the highest in baseball and failed to be earned last year. Once the new players start winning, management expects fans to come back and increase the numbers they need to spend more money on the field.

When Can I Replace An AC Unit’s Filter?

When to Replace Your A/C Unit’s Filter

Hot Popcorn A/C Repair Joke

How Often Should I Change Out Our Air Conditioner’s Filter?

The first scorching day of summer time and the concern of lots more to come, makes everybody start thinking significantly about their air cooling equipment. The best thing you can do to keep it performing at maximum efficiency, is to keep your air conditioning filters clean and replace them when needed.

Air conditioning units work by sucking air in through the filters, cooling it, and then pushing it back up through the filter. Keeping the filter in superior shape will prevent a lot of potential problems and add to the life-time of your unit.

Loads of people ponder when the ideal time is to get this maintenance completed. Here are a couple issues that will influence exactly how often most people need to have them changed.

Precisely what is the number of individuals in the the property?
Do you have one or more pets residing in the property?
If you have animals in the home, do they need to be trimmed?

Another reason to clean the air conditioning filter more frequently would be because the amount of pets outside the house and the volume of particles is in the air from empty lots or industrial parks.

When To Change The Air Conditioner Unit Filters?

During the hotter season, when you are usually using the hvac all of the time, it is encouraged that you replace your filter every 4 weeks. At least, you should check the filters month-to-month. This can essentially help you save money on your electricity bill, by improving the efficiency of the equipment.
At the end of the day, when your filter is full of airborne dirt and dust or hair and is obviously greasy and dirty, it truly is time to have your filters cleaned or replaced.

Just How Can I Make A Filter Last More?

To expand the life expectency of your filter, you can use your vacuum’s attachment over them and eliminate some of the airborne debris and other polutants.

You can also clean them, depending on the class of filter. This is not the cleanest job you’ll ever do, but a few people do find it definitely worth the time. Almost all choices of air filters are really washable, but be very careful to not harm any adjacent air vents. Take the air conditioner filter outair conditioning system, clean it in the tub and add a little dish soap or spray with white vinegar to clean it thoroughly.

How to Find Your Air Conditioner Filter

Air Conditioner Filter

How to Find the Air Conditioning Filter on Air Conditioners or Hot Air Heating Systems

Replacing your AC’s filter on a regular basis is key to having a healthy running system.  No matter what type of system you have, we want to help you find your air conditioner filter.

At the central air return register, grille located in a wall or ceiling if your system uses centralized air returns instead of individual room-air return ducts.

There may be several central return points, depending on the design of your system. If there are more than two, chances are the filter was placed at the air handler instead of at these grilles. Unfortunately that means that the return ducts themselves become more soiled with dust and debris from the building.

At an attic air handler look for a slot which has a removable cover.

The slot may be just an inch or so wide if 1″ thick filters are used, or it could be several inches wide if a wide high-capacity pleated or similar filter was used. The return air plenum on an attic or basement air conditioner blower unit will usually be a large metal enclosure about the same dimensions in width and height as the air conditioner blower unit itself. Look for a filter slot right where the return plenum contacts the blower fan assembly.

At a basement air handler

We also look for a filter at the return air plenum which is often next to the bottom of the air handler if the system is an “up-flow” unit (or vice versa for the less common case of return air entering at the top of the air handler and exiting at its bottom).

Next to an electrostatic air cleaner

If your air conditioning air handler has an electrostatic air cleaner installed, look for the filter, if there is one, next to the electrostatic air cleaner. In addition, the electrostatic air cleaner, which is a type of particle incinerating filter itself, needs to be removed and cleaned periodically. 

In our photo at left, the silver handle above the white electrostatic air cleaner is a tip-off that a removable filter is installed there. 

Check with your unit’s manufacturer for cleaning interval and procedures. Often the electrostatic unit can be cleaned inside a dishwasher. Often there is also a thin metal washable air filter installed along with the electrostatic air cleaner.

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Miami Trying to Get 2016 Super Bowl

Football on FieldThe NFL is looking to hold the 50th Anniversary of The Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50, in Miami in 2016. According to an organizer, the cost of hosting this illustrious event will cost twice as much as the last championship game in Miami.

        The committee announced that the NFL has changed its requirements for host cities, adding more pre-game events and activities in downtown Miami. Some of these include barges anchored on the waterfront to create more area for these events. Nicki Grossman, Broward’s tourism director and a member of the organizing committee, said the group expects the overall tab to hit about $21 million, which is less than the $25 million cited by rival San Francisco as its fundraising goal for the 2016 game.

The majority of the money is coming from corporations in South Florida through sponsorships; however, local governments are asked to contribute to the Super Bowl. The host committee from South Florida raised about $9 million to run Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, according to tax records. Zimmer and Rodney Barreto, the committee’s volunteer chair, both declined to comment on the $21 million cost figure or offer any financial details about the preliminary bid, which was due Monday and submitted to the NFL late last week.

“It’s going to be the best they’ve ever seen,” Barreto said of South Florida’s Super Bowl pitch to NFL owners.

South Florida has hosted a record 10 Super Bowls, but never has the bidding process been this contentious, as many issues have developed.

nfl logo on turfThe Miami Dolphins want tax subsidies for a stadium renovation, and have cited Super Bowl L as a primary reason for holding a countywide vote on the plan before NFL owners award the game on May 22. In exchange for raising hotel taxes in Miami-Dade to fund the renovation, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross promised to keep the bulk of Super Bowl activities out of Broward so that Miami-Dade could enjoy most of the economic impact from the game.

Grossman said the committee fell about 4,000 hotel rooms short of the 14,000 the NFL wants reserved for Super Bowl, in part because of ill-will generated by the stadium bid. “It’s a tougher sell,” she said of signing up hoteliers for the wholesale rates the NFL requires for Super Bowl. “Broward hoteliers are a little jumpy. They don’t like what they’ve been hearing from the Miami-Dade Commission or from the Host Committee. But everybody enjoys a good Super Bowl.”

Barreto said the last time Super Bowl came to Miami Gardens, in 2010, the committee raised about $12 million. Tax records from the group put expenses for the game at about $10 million. San Francisco is expected to raise $25 million for its game, while organizers of the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey are citing fund-raising goals of between $50 million and $60 million.

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Weston YMCA debuts Spin Theater

Weston | Tri-County AC

YMCAInterested in taking part in a revolutionary new work out? Well, Weston’s YMCA recently debuted a new and improved way to work out with their Family Center’s Spin Theater.

Upon your entrance to the stadium-styled theater, you’d see bikes faced towards the front where the instructor teaches the class. Inside the theater are dual 60-inch plasma ride visualization screens that present heart rates and a way to see how the participants are progressing. One of the most interesting aspects is the MyZone technology, which is used throughout the entire theater. This technology monitors workout results with the help of a belt for each rider, which records movements.

According to YMCA of Broward County CEO Sheryl Woods, the 3,000 square foot facility is home to 40 bikes, which is 15 more than its former spot.

“[The spin program] kept getting bigger and bigger,” Woods said. “It’s a really interesting group of people who spin, so we wanted to take this area and make it more special for them. It’s to relieve some of the pressure on our wellness floor and to reallocate this space to a more specialized type of program.”

The theater for the highly anticipated program is too big to be located at the Weston YMCA. The organization has decided to develop in a former commercial space a part from the facility. The space will be divided into two different rooms, with one being for the spin theater and the other for fitness classes. The development of the program has included the expansion of the wellness center and the addition of new cardio and strength machines. The total renovation will cost about $500,000.

“It’s really for people of all different ages and skills,” Woods said. “You don’t have to be an avid spinner to participate. … It’s in tiers with the plasma screens and the virtual ride you’re going to go on. All of that kind of makes it fun.”

Typically, the opening of a new place consists of a traditional ribbon cutting. This was not the case for the Weston YMCA. Community leaders were selected to participate in an opening spin class to in other words, leave their mark. Among the selected was Weston Mayer Daniel Stermer.

Stermer went on to say “The MyZone concept is wonderful. I’ve never used it before, and this theater is really a great thing,” he said. “… The setup is staggered, so everyone can see the person up front. You can see around a little better, creating a nice atmosphere.”

The YMCA is located at:

20201 Saddle Club Road
Weston, Fl 33327
Phone: 954-424-9622


Save on Energy Cost This Summer

Don’t Let the Heat Burn a Hole in Your Wallet.

Summer is right around the corner and we all know how much all of our energy bills go up.  Here’s a few tips to for around the house to keep your energy cost as low as possible.

Your AC Unit

  • Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat

You should ideally have your house temperature higher during the day when you are not home.  This can dramatically lower your energy bill.  We recommend setting your thermostat to 82 degrees when you are not home and between 76 and 78 when you are home to maximize efficiency of your air conditioning unit.  A programmable thermostat can be set up to turn on 15 to 20 minutes before you get home so you’ll never feel the difference.  Studies show that you can save 5% for every degree above 72ºF you set your thermostat.

  • Use Drapes and Shades to Block Out Heat

When you use your drapes and shades to block out the heat from the sun, you will help control the variations of temperature in your home.  This will keep your air conditioner off for longer period of times and have to work less hard to cool your home when it does turn back on.

  • Use Fans to Help Circulate Air

Ceiling Fan in RoomYour AC unit’s fan can play a big role in helping your house “feel” less warm.  By using the fan, even when the ac unit is not “cooling” your home, you create a wind chill effect by circulating the air.  Ceiling fans can help do the trick too but remember,  ceiling fans don’t cool houses, only areas.  So, when you leave a room, make sure you turn off the fan.  If you are remodeling your home soon or your old fan goes bad, take a look into DC powered fans.  They use roughly 60 percent less electricity than normal fans.

  • Clean Your Filter Regularly

Your filter is a vital part of your AC unit.  Keeping it clean on a regular basis will help ensure the longevity of your system.  The filter helps trap dirt and debris from entering the unit and potentially damaging it.  We recommend cleaning your filter once per season but more often during the summer.  Keeping your filter clean helps reduce the amount of energy the unit will need to pull in more air to function properly.

Around the House

  • Put your TV and entertainment center on a power strip.  You’ll be able to turn off the power completely to the area when you are not using it.  Though many TVs are efficient these days, they still draw about 60% of the power off as they do when they are on.  So, cutting power completely to the TV will greatly reduce the energy consumption.  We recommend having your TV, surround sound and any media player on this cord.  We don’t recommend your cable or satellite box be done like this as many get updates during the day when you are not home.  If you have your power off to your TV from 10pm at night until you get home the next day, you’ll save over $250 per year on energy cost.
  • Switch your outside lights to LED bulbs and inside lights to compact fluorescent.  The energy savings is huge especially with the outside lights.   If you have your lights on for 8 hours a night and require 12 bulbs, that’s 2400 watts of consumption with regular incandescent bulbs.  If you replace those with LEDs you’ll only consume 144 watts over that same time.  Less watts equals less cost to you.
  • Wash your laundry on cold.  This eliminates the need for the hot water heater in your house to have to heat up.  Also, if you are doing multiple loads, try to do the drying back to back so the dryer doesn’t have to reheat itself to the appropriate temperature.  You’ll be able to use a shorter cycle and thus saving more energy.

Have any other tips you want to share?  Let us know in the comments below.