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Tri-County AC Repair offers complete air conditioning maintenance, repair and replacement services for both residential and commercial accounts.  We believe that honesty and quality are the most important traits that a company in this business should possess and we pride ourselves on providing the most competitive estimates on new and replacement systems.

Repair of Parts
AC Repair Unit Installation

The air handler inside your home houses your main filter and your cooling coils. We replace broken units with  replacement units that are rated for maximum efficiency and performance.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Our dedicated AC experts offer prompt coil cleaning, same day installation and replacement, duct cleaning, filter replacement, FREE estimates and vent cleaning services. Call today to learn how you can receive 7 vent cleaning sessions for just $35 each.

Equipment Repairs

Once we thoroughly inspect and evaluate your system, we can easily diagnose the problem that requires repair service. We will explain to you in plain English what needs to be fixed and then show you with the same simplicity how much you will save by using us as your South Florida AC repair company. When you have an emergency situation, you can count on us to be at your door in 60 minutes or less.

Maintenance PlansTri-County AC

When you schedule to have our technicians regularly service your HVAC system, usually twice a year, you can look forward to cleaner and cooler AC operation. We will perform routine service, which includes minor repairs and adjustments, preventing any (insert) from leading to a serious problem or system malfunction. Our service appointments will keep your system running with great efficiency, and the life of your HVAC system will be extended considerably.  Most importantly, our service program easily pays for itself (and then some) as you will enjoy lower FPL bills and fewer needs for repairs in the future.

Replacement Systems

If your current heating and cooling system is very old or beyond repair it is inevitable you will have to replace it eventually. The purchase of a new HVAC system is probably very intimidating to some, for its high cost if nothing else. Why not leave your worries to us? We can help you select the appropriate system for your home — and help you get an outstanding deal on it as well! We offer top notch replacement HVAC sales and installation. Give us a call and find out!

New Installations

When you are building a new home, or simply doing an extensive renovation or remodel, we can design and install any type of heating and cooling system you desire. We can guarantee your project will be done right the first time, and we will optimize efficiency throughout the whole system.

Commercial Services

We don’t just service homes – we can provide all of our extensive services to your business or commercial building as well. For our commercial customers we will custom tailor a plan to fit your needs. We offer either 2 or 4 times a year service appointments, which will ensure your business stays cool and comfortable in the South Florida heat and keeps your employees and customers happy. Give us a call for a free quote on our commercial services package.